Saturday, May 28, 2011

Give me that kitteh!

Oh what a day.... I am so tired... tired and content!

First though I should tell you about a special package that arrived yesterday. So, remember my blogiversary was a couple weeks? Yes, of course you do. Well my Mum decided to celebrate by having my first year of blogs printed into a book! It is so cool! She tried reading me some of the stories this morning and I said "Yeah Mum I was there remember" and she was all "but it's so cute" and I was all "Yeah I know I wrote it". Sheesh.

She left the book strategically placed on our dining table when we went out today, as if it was "accidentally" left there (Mr. Calvin was bringing more people to see our apartment) .... shameless self promotion. While Mr. Calvin was showing strangers around our home, we went to see our new house and visit the real-estate agent.

They pretty much loved me there, and the lady said almost every family in our neighborhood has a dog and ... one family that just bought last week has a bulldog!!! I might have a fur-real bully friend!!! There was a super rude dude in the real-estate office though! At first he was nice, he was patting my head and saying what a nice boy I was and then he did the unspeakable! Mum was horrified as was I. If I had not been in such shock I may have peed on his shoe.... He pinched my neck roll and announced to everyone "He's 14% overweight but thats okay."  Who does thats?! Mum quickly said "Actual he's only 3lbs from his ideal weight." What she wanted to say was "And so are you, you old geezer but no one feels the need to tell you!" BOL.

After that fiasco we carried on with our day and stopped at a pet store near our new house. They sell Cuz  toys! We have seen them online but not in any stores until today. Mum was gonna buy me a pink Cuz but then  decided on a blue squeaky kitty! I squeaked that kitteh's brains out all the way home! It was super fun.

We made a stop at the off-leash park too. We didn't stay long since I was gettin' pretty tired, but I did get to play with a really cool boxer.

All in all it was a pretty pawesome day, and I am sure I'll sleep sound tonight.
Night Night, don't let the fleas bite.


  1. What a great idea to make the blog into a book!

  2. Very handsome indeed. What's not to love about an English Bulldog!
    Hope you find time to enter the Organix Dog Food Giveaway at

  3. Sounds like a good day! I've heard about turning blogs into books - what a great way to celebrate one year of blogging. I can't believe what that guy said to you - good thing you got a kitty and a trip to the dog park to distract you from his rudeness.

  4. Stoopid guy! Too bad you didn't pee on him, Finn! He sure did deserve it!
    We love Cuz toys because of the LOUD squeakers! What a cool kitteh!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Thanks for joining in my Third Annual Doggone Dog Swap! It's going to be a lot of fun.

    That guy at the real estate office was so rude! Who does that? I wish you would've peed on his shoes and that your mom told him he was fat too.

  6. we love that idea. Lazy will do it for us soon too
    Benny & Lily

  7. 14% overweight your... ahem... sorry... I was going to say a bad word!
    That man is soooo rude!
    Your Cuz is pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Super cool blue kitteh Finn!

    Bet you can't wait to get out of limbo and into your new home :) Gotta meet that other bulldog!

    Waggin at ya,