Sunday, January 2, 2011

Victim of a Random Attack

I had a rough day today! I had to have emergency surgery to fix my ear! Some of the pictures I am gonna post are a little gross but I thought you need to see them to understand. The vet took them for my Mum and Dad just in case they needed proof of how bad my injuries were.

Mum and I went to the dog park like we often do on Sunday's. Today there was lots of dog's there and I had a great time playing with a  bouncy little husky. A couple of the other dogs were getting a little too rough, I wasn't playing with them but Mum thought it was time for us to go. I was on my leash and walking to the gate with Mum when a lady asked if she could meet me. When she went to pat me her dog attacked me. He went right through Mum's legs and knocked her right on the ground. Mum got up and held me still and put her hand right in the dogs mouth to try to get my ear free. Two men jumped on the other dog and tried to get him to release and also held him so he couldn't rip my ear off. But he would not let go!!! Not gonna lie... I was pretty scared.... he was a bull mastiff, and WAY bigger than me.  Mum said I made noises she never wants to hear again. Finally he opened to get a better grasp and I got free.

We picked up Papa at home and went to the emergency clinic. They were a little shocked at how long the slices in my ear were. But they were really nice to me, and to my pawrents. I had to be put under before they could fix me. They had to shave my ear,  part of my neck, and a spot on my leg for an IV. I had to have stitches on the top and bottom, and I have to wear the cone of shame for 14 days!

It's really hard to get comfortable with that stupid collar. Luckily for me, Mum trimmed it down for me. She's gonna see about getting me a soft collar tomorrow.

I am gonna try to sleep now. I am still a little sore and a little woozy....This must have been how Evander Holyfeld felt!
I'll post an update soon.


  1. Oh Finn! You poor dog! That's one mean dog and I hope his Mom never brings him near other dogs again! I also hope she pays your vet bill! Feel better Brave Dog...get lots of hugs and cuggles from your parents (and you should be able to score a few extra treats from all of this too).

  2. How scary for you and your parents we hope you get better soon. We hope you get lot’s of treats and cuddles so you can feel better soon From Angus and Milo

  3. Ohhh My how scary....glad things are not to terrible for you and you're in recovery. Found your blog through Guinness and Basil. We are new followers.