Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally a real walk!

Notice my pawesome new header? It was a surprise from my very cool Uncle Adam! I just love it. Thanks Adam!
Home at last!

So Mum and I finally went on a real walk tonight! It's been a while. We dropped the car at Papa's work and walked home. It was a beautiful evening, not too warm  and not too cold, and finally no rain. Cesar always says that a dog needs to walk to feel fulfilled, and also needs to use his nose, and tonight I got to do both.
We walked through a neighborhood that is quickly becoming the Korean village of Coquitlam. There were a lot of new smells! I was nose to the ground almost the whole way. Further along we passed a pizza shop.... I wanted to go in, but Mum said no. It smelled soooo delicious.
Further still  we walked past the bus station and a man walking by said "Wow, nice dog!" I felt pretty special... though I did look pretty great in my camo hoodie.
I'm so fast even the camera can't keep up!

I was pretty happy when we got home. A good long walk was just what I needed! It felt so good to lay down on my bed with my antler.

I can barely keep my eyes open anymore so g'night ev-furry-buddies ;)


  1. You are such a hunk in your camo hoodie, Finn! Bummer about not being able to have pizza. It's one of our favorite foods!
    We love your new header!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hi Finn - I love your new header! Those smells sound yummy!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. That sounds like the best kind of walk to me! It was too cold here to go out for anything besides the absolute neccessaries!

    Your new header is cool!


  4. You new header looks great Finn:)

  5. Man, you're handsome in your camo!

    Love the header!

  6. I love the new header, it really shows off your handsomeness.

    I can't see you in that camo jacket! bol

  7. My mommy bought me and Nala jackets, but they were no way as cute as yours! My mommy must shop at the wrong store!

    Woofs & hugs!


  8. Hello Finn, I'm Chicco a small dog and i found your beautiful blog. You're so cute and I follow you.
    Come to visit me in my blog "Chicco e il suo mondo".


  9. Your header is very striking, Finn. Your Uncle did a nice job.

    We are really missing our walks this winter. The Momster doesn't like to take a chance on falling with the ice and snow so we have to wait for dry and clear pavement:( But when we do get to go for a walk, we really do enjoy it.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara