Saturday, January 29, 2011

Car Ride Adventure

Hi Ev-furry Buddies, sorry I have been AWOL all week. Mum has been too busy to help me type...sheesh!
She was working on a surprise! Turns out Mum and Papa were workin' on my best treat very own yard! Yup, I'll have my own patch of grass to pee on. But not until June, that's when we'll be moving. Mum says I will  be getting a new crate then too. She says my old plastic crate is not sitting in her new living room. The nerve! She also says there are lots of dogs in our new neighborhood and I will make lots of new friends to play with!
I don't want to get up... I'm soooo comfy!

Mum and I have been having a great Saturday. It started with a cozy sleep-in in the big bed after Papa went to work. Then we went on a car ride, I had to wear my seat belt in the car cause we were going a long way, and on the highway. I didn't know we were going to pick up my second surprise of the day! We went to meet Miss Vicky Bowes and pick up the very handsome portrait she painted of me!...with my favorite bone.

Who knew you could capture all this handsomeness in one picture!?

Miss Vicky paints all kinds of pets and she has a website too, it's called That's how Mum and Papa found her. You should check her out!!! She is also on Twitter. Mum hung the picture over my bed, and we think it looks paw-mazing!
Lookin' Good!

I was a little upset when we got home and Mum went out again without me. But I was a good boy while she was gone and was rewarded for it. Turns out Mum went hunting! She brought back food, and this very paw-some possum! It's my first stuffie.....well sort doesn't actually have stuffing..... just rope :)

Well that's all for now! Happy blog hopping friends!


  1. Finn, that sounds like a pretty nice Saturday to me! That picture of you is quite nice!


  2. A yard of your own - that sounds like good news! That's a pretty great painting, too!

  3. Sounds like you had a most excellent day - full of surprises! That's a great picture, it looks just like you.

  4. How exciting that you're going to have your very own yard, Finn!
    We love your portrait! Miss Vicky did a wonderful job!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Your mommy is a terrific hunter!!! I wish my mom could get me a possum or some sort..


  6. Wow Finn! Y'all have been busy! Luv the paintin of you and your bone :D It's fantabalistic!

    Yay for yards! Hurry up June!

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Finn we love the painting!! Hope you had a great weekend!! Good to see friend.