Saturday, October 2, 2010

That's leash...what ch'yu lookin' at!

I went to Colony Farm park with Mum today. It's pawsitively my favorite place to go for a walk, 'cause I can be off my leash. Well at least most of the time. Mum puts me on leash when there are people around but most of the time I can just walk along side her.... no strings attached. Some times she gets ahead of me and I have to run to catch up...but thats fun too.

Last night, the three of us went to town center park for a walk. We watched some kids playing soccer under the lights, and I marked almost every tree in the park. That's right I claimed it.... the whole place is mine! When we came home we shared a grapefruit! It has so much yummy deliciousness .... I think I like it more than apples or bananas.

I can hardly wait to see what we do tomorrow. I hope we go to the dog park. Maybe there will be some other dogs for me to play with. Oh I am excited already ... excuse me while I have a nap to prepare.


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