Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finally Legal!

I have had a great weekend!
Friday, I went to a football game. Mum and I watched, and Papa was coaching. It was at town center park, so the best part was I could watch Football and Soccer at the same time.

It was super duper cold, so Mum and I came home and got winter coats and went back. We sat on a blanket on the grass, and they have the best water fountain ever. It has 3 levels.... one  for big people, one for little people, and one for ME!

Saturday we went to Bramble park and played fetch. It was really fun, and I was pretty tired when we got home.
I tried all day today to tell Mum we had to go to Mundy Park but she wouldn't listen to me. I tried and tried and she would just say "Enough" "Enough whining" .... Luckily she passed the park on the way home and saw that there was a dog event. It was the Official Grand Opening of the Mariner Dog Park at Mundy Park. There were so many dogs and people. Mum kept a very close eye on me. All the other Mummy's loved me and they thought I was so cute...obviously. And because it was a special day the Coquitlam Dog Shelter was giving away free dog licences. Mum got one for me and I am finally legal in Coquitlam. I didn't have one before because they want $70  to licence me. Thats a bag of dog food! or 2 jackets! or 3 planet dog toys!  I think considering they are using my baby picture without  my consent they should be giving my licence to me for free all the time!

Mum also went to the fabric store today! Papa asked her to make me a very special jacket. I am gonna be the mascot of his football team.... well second mascot... Lola (boxer goddess, love of my life) is the first mascot because her daddy is head coach. So Mum is gonna make me a blue jacket with Red fleece lining and a big white "C" on the back for the Centennial Centaurs. I will definitely post some photos when it is ready. The next game is Friday so Papa says it has to be ready by then.
Ohh Ohh and I almost forgot... My Nonno and Nonna are coming to visit all the way from Toronto. It's gonna be a great week!
Well thats it for now. I'm gonna go sit on Mum's feet while she iron's some clothes....who needs slippers!

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