Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dr. Finn to the Rescue

Where should I begin! I had a really exciting week. Nonna and Nonno came to visit from Toronto for a few days. They went with Mum and I to the dog park on Friday, they were so impressed with how fast I could run. After the park we came home and had dinner and then off to football. I got to show off my new jacket. I looked pretty cool, but I was toasty warm!

I also got to see Lola!! We got to play and wrestle, and I gave her kisses too!

And I got to play with Lola's people sister too. We all watched the football game together, and Lola's Mom loved my jacket. She was hoping that when Lola's dad saw how great I looked he would let Lola wear a jacket too... but no luck. He is a strictly no clothing for dogs kind of guy.

Saturday, Mum and Dad got me a new bag of food, and a new bone. I was very excited about the new old one was getting kind of gross. I spent the whole day playing with my new bone, and napping to recover from my very exciting Friday night. We also stopped by the neighbor's house to say hi. Lucas's Mommy told us that Lucas was getting to big for his soother, so she told him that if he gave up it up the soother fairy would bring him a present. He was very excited about a new present. So, his mommy asked him what kind of present he would like and he  said "A puppy, I want a Finn". Needless to say the soother fairy has not brought him a Finn.... I am one of a kind! But I did feel pretty special, and I would be sad if Lucas had his own new Finn.... I would miss playing with him.

Mum was feeling kind of sick this morning... actually a lot sick! After she hurled, we both went back to bed. I got to sleep on the bed too. I snuggled in close to Mum , cause I knew that would be the best medicine for her. We slept for two hours, and we were so warm and cozy when Mum finally felt like getting out of bed I didn't want to leave.

To thank me for my excellent bedside manner, Mum bought me this cool t-shirt today. I will be stylin' for Halloween.

Well thats my news! Tomorrow life is back to normal. I'll let you know what I get up too next.


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