Sunday, July 24, 2011

Neighbourhood Rock Star

What up fur-pals !?!

So I have had a pretty busy week. I love that we have a big open space right in our neighbourhood becasue I get to go there and play every night. We don't have to go to the dog parks because there are so many dogs around anyhow.

Of course, weekends are still the best part of the week. Yesterday Mum and I went to explore the field next to our house.... umm... not our greatest adventure. The grass was way too tall! I got all tangled and Mum couldn't see me half the time, so we cut that short and continued on our walk around the neighbourhood.

While Mum and I were walking a Labrador started barking at us from his patio. His Mom came out to tell him to be quiet and she said "Oh that must be Finn, he IS cute!" Funny thing is .... we have never met this woman before! I think my fan club (the neighbourhood kids) have been spreading word about my extreme pawesomeness.

Today was a beautiful hot summer day, something we haven't seen much of this summer. While the rest of North America is having a heat wave it has been cold and wet here. Mum and I took the opportunity to go explore Aloette Park down the road.

There is a water park and picnic area for little peoples and their family and there is a river that bigger kids go tubing on. Mum and I didn't pack the life jacket or tube, but we will next time! This was a preliminary visit to assess the swimming situation. The water is awesome! So refreshing and clean. We cant wait to go back !

For the rest of the afternoon though, I think I'll sun myself on the patio.


  1. I'm sorry it's kinda cold there still. Wish there was a way to send you some of our heat. It was over 100 yesterday! It's 7 PM my time now and it's still 97 outside.

    I love that you have your own little fan club there, Finn! And I have to agree, you really ARE cute!!!

  2. you are so darn cute!! The water does look refreshing but you better put a life vest on
    Benny & Lily

  3. looking frwd to your swimmy in that water...especially with tubers....we have a place near Acadia Univ where there are tons of tubers. I'm gonna try it sometime. I go to the canal up the road from the tubing river and post about it sometimes.