Monday, November 14, 2011

In the dog house..err crate

I'm in trouble! I went a little cray cray on my walk, trying to get at my glow ball in the chuck it. Mum just didn't understand. She dropped the chuck in front of the neighbors house and left it there!! Are you kiddin' me? Someone could have stolen my chuck it Mum! She made me walk around the block and I didn't get to play at the park. What a kill joy! I thought I would come home and tell you guys about it, since its been a week since I posted.

We had a long weekend because of Remembrance Day on Friday. We were going to go to the ceremonies at the park in town, but it was raining and windy and cold. So Mum and Dad and I just stayed home, we watched the ceremonies on TV. In the afternoon, Papa and I took a nap together.

We went to see Dr. Z on Saturday, and he said my back is lookin' much better! He gave me another shot, but said by next Saturday.... when we go for another follow-up,  I should be as good as new.

  On Sunday our friend Michelle came to visit. Mum has been wanting to take me to a new park for a while, we always saw people walking there but never knew where to park the car. Luckily Miss Michelle knows all the cool places in town and gave us directions. It was a great new place to walk, and we saw Llamas!

Mum's been on the look out for a new bed but nothing yet. I finally gave in and started sleeping in my crate. It was surprisingly comfy.

Well gotta go, I have to go be cute and redeem myself.


  1. Great post. Thanks for the update on your life... Very nice and glad to hear your back is almost completely better.

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Oh my word! No chuck it. She is lucky no buddy stole it.What a drama queen...glad your back is feeling better
    Benny & Lily

  3. Yay for your back feeling better Finn! :D

    Waggin at ya,

  4. The nap picture is to cute for words, I also love your cute adorable

  5. You look cute snoozing! Those llamas look pretty cute too, but I think you are cuter!

  6. Chuckitless...not fair....I guess this is lesson time...errrr!