Sunday, October 16, 2011

A very odd photoshoot

So friends it's been a quiet week, mum and dad are back to their work routine, I am back to my daily walk and trip to the park routine! So there isn't much to report

My friend Payton and her mom had a nasty and unnecessary encounter with a disgruntled neighbor this week. She was playing in the field , where I play everyday, when a couple with 3 dogs walked by and Payton trotted over towards them. She kept a safe distance but the man started yelling at her mom about why she wasn't on a leash. Payton's mom explained that a) they were playing, b) Payton sometimes gets anxious on her leash but is a sweet girl without it, and c) none of the other neighbors have ever had an issue with it. He replied with "well it only takes one!", among other overly confrontational things. What a jerk! Further along their walk they ran into the couple again, and the man blamed the incident for causing his pregnant wife to go into contractions. BOL! His wife might have been about to have a baby, but he was having kittens over a 15 pound dog!

In other news, Mum bought a new gadget, something called an ipeed ipad. She has been taking pictures of me non stop! She even takes pictures of me sleeping......creepy! She is still trying to figure out had to add them to my posts though. :s

She also downloaded some app that was supposed to translate my grunts into human words. She deleted it though. She said who ever created it was obviously not a fluent speaker in dog. Had she of listened to it, I would have left a treat for her on the floor while she went to get one for me!

Well that's the kind of week it's been! Keep your paws on the floor!


  1. Oh Finn, sorry about your crazy neighbor. Peeps just don't understand. Hope Momma enjoys her ipad. We bought one a month ago and just love it.

  2. What a rude man... Sorry for that encounter. Enjoyed your post.... Glad your mom got an iPad. I'll watch for those photos.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. bet mom is having a blast with that eye pad
    Benny & Lily

  4. Yowsa...some peeps are so unnecessarily mean and rude to others...hope this doesn't continue for you. Can't wait to see your ipad pics...!

  5. Thanks for popping by my blog to say hello and wish me luck with my eye problems. Maybe an EyePad would help me too?

    I am putting up with the drops and my eye looks a lot lot better now - but the vet says we have to keep going and try and make it ALL better.

    Sorry to hear that Payton and her mum got upset. We don't like loose dogs that bound over and try and jump on me and play rough when I'm on my lead. Maybe that man and his dogs had had a really bad experience but there was no need to be rude and confrontational.

    Love and licks,