Monday, April 4, 2011

Doggy Survivor

So Saturday morning while Mum and I were having a little time together we saw an ad for Survivor. I told her they should make an all dog version and I could be the first winner! Mum said, they already have survivor for dogs...its called being a stray and I wouldn't last an afternoon. (Pshhhaw! Thanks for the vote of confidence Mum!)

I told Mum to take me to the park and I would show her just how resourceful I can be .... food, water, shelter... I can do it. First I looked for shelter ..... I could hide under here!

Or in this tree trunk .......

And look, I found some water! I took a drink from the stream, and I also found a deep puddle and went for a swim! Aww ... refreshing.
The stream was deeper and cleaner than it really.

Now for food .... do you think this is edible?

Hmmm..... I like green stuff but I'm not sure about this.

 Let's find some meat....

......wait you mean I have to find it and kill it... I don't think so!!

I asked if kibble occurred naturally in the wild but Mum said no.... same goes for smoked salmon treats....well atleast the smoked part ;)

So I said "Let's get out of here!" and came home to this.....

Mum recently discovered that I am a big fan of steamed Brussel Sprouts.

Now that's a dinner fit for a survivor!

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  1. My mom doesn't think I would "survive" in the wild either. I have some friends that were strays and they had to teach me how to eat a "real" bone. I like tomatoes with my kibble as a treat. Where's your wet food?