Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm alive!!

Sorry everybody. Papa has been keeping Mum so busy with some wedding thing that she hasn't been able to set up the computer for me. I said "Mummy, I need to write on my blog!" But she said I would have to wait. :(
It was a rainy weekend here. Saturday mum and I played fetch in the yard. I wore my raincoat! Later it cleared up and we went for a walk.
Sunday I woke up nice and early! I could just tell Mum wanted to take me to the dog park .... And I was right. We went even though it was raining and I had the whole place to myself! I played for a whole hour chasing my ball. I was really tired when I got home. Mum and Papa went to church and for groceries and I got to stay free in the living room! I slept the whole time.
Yesterday was really pouring so I decided I better stay inside. Papa tried to get me to go out but I said no way! I waited for Mum cause by the time she got home the rain had stopped.
Ok talk to you soon .... I think Papa has slept enough now!

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